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CO.GE.MA. boasts a wide range of exclusive custom-designed machinery and high technology tools:

Precision laser system for in-position centering and alignment of the shafts

This instrument allows to perform – in a very short time and with the highest precision, on floating ship and without the need to draw off the shafts – the alignment of the whole shaft line, from the exit of propeller shafts to the middle shafts, to the reducers.

Self-designed system for flattening the base-plates and in-situ blocks construction

These machines allow to flatten the base-plates of engines and reducers, and to execute the conical blocks on site, with the advantage of extremely short working times and complete independence from machine shop (particularly valuable in case of interventions carried out in far-away places), without being forced to resort to inaccurate and less reliable systems like those based on the usage of resins.

Large-diameter boring machines

The boring process – compared to the alternatives based on the employment of resins – benefits from an intrinsic precision with extremely low allowances, and ensures a correct thermal exchange with the marine water (it doesn’t require the interposition of materials that have an insulating effect), a higher flexibility in case of following repairs and interventions, and an incomparably higher reliability.

Exclusive self-designed machines for boring the stern tubes on floating ships

These instruments – besides delivering a very high precision (diameter, ovalization, conicity, surface finishing) – allow to perform the boring process inside the stern tubes on floating ships, avoiding therefore an increase of drydock permanence and allowing extremely short working times.

New Boring-machines 500/750 mm

Our new boring-machines, specially designed for turning propeller shafts and other mechanical parts on which the external cylindrical surface is to be machined.

Mechanical seal of axles and propellers

Our new modular system for the mechanical seal of shafts or maneuvering propellers applicable to floating ship …

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